Insemination #2 this morning. Both days they said “good sample!” Sounds so…medical. It’s such a funny process; if aliens were watching us infertile bunch, they’d surely laugh I think. The things we do in order to get pregnant, huh? Just to be able to do what most take for granted. We were watching an episode of “The Office” today after the procedure when the Doc knocked and entered our room; we were a bit embarrassed for him to see our new “laugh and relax” routine, but he didn’t seem to bothered by it.

In my last post, I talked about how much it sucked to have the medical community pump the wife full of hormones to compensate for my shortcomings. Nobody ever told me there were options. I know this phrase has been uttered before, but thank God for the Internet!

I think the Western medical people need to have a conference with the Eastern medical people. It seems like for everyone OUTSIDE the medical profession there is a growing knowledge that perhaps the Chinese are on to something, especially when it comes to fertility issues. I’m of course talking about acupuncture.

Has anyone else told a friend/family member that they’re doing acupuncture for fertility? If so, then you’ve gotten the reaction. The reaction like, “Oh my god, the stress of infertility has finally gotten to him, he’s gone and joined a cult”. Yeah, that reaction. People (myself included) have a tendency to dismiss what they don’t understand. How could sticking needles in your body help anything? I only have a rudimentary understanding of how it works, so I will tell you, I don’t know. BUT IT DOES.

There’s no other way to explain the improvements we’ve seen over 4 semen analyses. My overall sperm count has improved to 35 million/mL (total count 87 million) from 16 million/mL (total count 38 million). The number of motile sperm has improved to 22 million from 10 million. I understand the motile numbers aren’t perfect, but they’re a heck of a lot better. The acupuncturist said she wanted to work on cooling me through acupuncture and herbs, thereby increasing sperm count. And if you increase sperm count, total motile count goes up too. The results speak for themselves.

The wife is doing acupuncture too; she now handles the hormones better, has a better quality uterine lining, is producing more quality follicles on less hormones, and is less stressed in general. Again, why isn’t Western medicine embracing this?

True, we still haven’t had the result we’re looking for. But we do believe this is the path to go down for us. If you’re struggling with fertility and you’ve found this blog, chances are you’ve read about the effect of acupuncture as well. But if you haven’t, please, start with a simple Google search. I promise it doesn’t mean you’ve joined a cult, no matter what your family might think.


3 responses to “Acupuncture…seriously

  1. Wow, those are some pretty amazing results! I hope everything works out and this is it for y’all. Looking forward to more posts and getting to know you!

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