A Belated Mothers’ Day

I totally skipped Mothers’ Day. Probably would have been a good time for a post, but hey, it didn’t happen. Instead, we got to hang out at @hopetobemommy’s mom’s house and I watched her organize her mom’s kitchen cabinets….it’s a long story involving a dysfunctional relationship between mother and daughter.

Mothers’ Day exists as another reminder in a world full of them of our inability to do something that most people take for granted. And there are a lot of little reminders that go along with it. For example, the cards. All the moms around us get their cards from the kids, from their own parents…they get passed out and mailed all around us, to our sisters, friends, etc. And we get….left behind.

@hopetobemommy’s dad has been so thoughtful the past two Mothers’ Days. He included her in purchasing cards, as he always buys one for his older daughter. I think very few dads would be so thoughtful, and I think it’s very special. But….there’s little comfort in the card. Instead, it’s yet another reminder our ever present infertility.

When we can’t fully appreciate gestures that are genuine, kind and loving, we are robbed of what we should feel, and are left with what we do feel. I really, really long for the day when we can receive the cards and appreciate the sentiment behind the card, and accept it as a reminder of how lucky we are to be parents.


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