Hello, Work? Please Hold….

As I write, I am traveling 30,000 feet above your heads. I’m waving through the floor of the plane, can you see me? I would guess I’m somewhere over roughly Oklahoma right now, flying from Detroit, where my work took me, to Phoenix to see a friend. I am fortunate enough to be able to golf 18 holes tomorrow and then catch a baseball game between the local Arizona Diamondbacks and my squad the Minnesota Twins before flying back home to Minneapolis on Saturday morning.

Flying these days is a truly incredible experience. Many focus on the long security lines and the intrusive measures increasingly found there. They also focus on the ever-more-common rudeness found in passengers and airline staff alike. Yes, it can be a stressful environment for anyone. However, I love to fly. Though cramped, it’s a wonderful place to relax. And with WiFi available on many flights now (including this one), I am able to play around on Twitter, email friends, and even write a blog entry while listening to my vast and superior music collection (just trust me – I have fantastic taste :))

And while I love to fly, I absolutely HATE to travel.

Now, it’s my choice. Please realize that. I wanted to detour down to see my buddy for two nights before finally going home. And nobody’s going to feel sorry for me while I’m making birdie (okay, triple-bogey) on the 15th hole tomorrow in 85 degree weather tomorrow. Or when I’m cheering my Twins on to certain victory tomorrow night.

But hotel rooms get old…and so do crappy nights of sleep without your soulmate by your side. And now more than ever, when we both feel the need to connect increasingly important throughout this process, I just want to be home with her. I haven’t been traveling as much as I should be for my job in the last several months. And that isn’t likely to change soon.

We put life, and work, on hold as we try to jump that elusive, baby-making hurdle. I sure do feel guilty sometimes, but certain things come first in life. Work has its place on the back burner right now. And there isn’t a damn thing wrong with that.


One response to “Hello, Work? Please Hold….

  1. so sorry for traveling suckdom. I did travel nursing for two years- 7 on/7off- Actually in Arizona on an indian rez. I loved flying, but it did suck staying in hotel room again and again. The funny part is at least it was the same one everytime, so it was almost like a second home. 🙂

    I know it must be hard to be away from your sweetie! 😦

    Save travels!!!

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