How Much Would You Pay For The Love Of Your Life?

I mean that, I think I mean that, as a real question. Honestly. For those that have had the elusive success that the rest of us seek, would there have been a price tag that would have made you decide to stay childless?

We met with our clinic today. Had an 8 AM “shot class” which was a bit funny for us. It was like, “Hello, Mr. Follistim Pen, nice to see you again.” The other couple in “class” needed Shots 101 (they were just getting started in this wonderful journey) while we just needed shots of espresso to stay awake. On the positive side, I think we impressed the teacher with our extensive subcutaneus knowledge.

Quick note: the poor girl in the other couple started crying during the class. I think she was just starting out on Clomid and IUIs and was a little unsure what to think of the shots and all of the processes involved in all of this. I felt bad for her, just wanted to tell her that it gets better. It really does you know. You continually deal with the stress, the disappointments, the heartbreak, but you get a lot better at handling it. It was hard for me not to see us in her….maybe 18 months ago? We’ve come a long way; I think I consider that growth. Growth in a good way.

Anyway, we then met with the nurse clinician about our program and schedule, first designating embryo responsibility in case of death, divorce, etc. We both had a difficult time feeling the moral tug and pull that I think you’re supposed to feel when making these decisions….the decisions came rather easily to us. Not gonna entertain the “when does life begin?” argument though right now, talk about blogger suicide!

It hit me as we talked about schedules and such how many medications we are purchasing. Holy shit. I think we could start a pharmacy. And all I could see was dollar signs. And add that on top of the $24 grand and change that we just shelled out for the no-risk, six cycle program and we could probably have an Audi sitting in our driveway right now….well, maybe a used one.

But man…if we get our kid? Excluding the mentally ill, no parent would EVER sell their kid for $30,000…not for $100,000…not for $1,000,000!! Yes, it sucks that we all pay for the privilege to be a parent while many others (including those who are not interested and those who aren’t even trying) get that privilege for free. Hope To Be Mommy and I are far from rich, but we are fortunate enough to be in the position to secure the financing necessary in order to get this chance.

How much would you pay in order to experience the love of your life? $30,000? Seems like chump change to me.

15 days until the baseline ultrasound. Bring it on…we’re ready.


5 responses to “How Much Would You Pay For The Love Of Your Life?

  1. Great post! The really frustrating thing is that we have to pay to even get a chance to have a child. IVF does not guarantee anything, it only puts you on a level playing field with everyone else.

    We paid for IUIs, both with clomid and injectable meds. Then we moved on to IVF where we paid about $24,000 for a shared risk. IVF is what finally got us our little one.

    When we want another, we have to go back and do it again. A daunting thought. (Though I think we can start with FET, as we have embryos and eggs on ice.)

  2. We’re lucky enough to not have to worry about the financial side of IF. So for us, no, there’s not a monetary limit. This year will take our costs to date over $100,000

    For a lot of people, there is a limit, which is heartbreaking.

  3. I spent about $70,000 for the love of my life. Being single I didn’t have that kind of $ so my parents loaned it to me and I pay them back every month. I joke that my little man is the boat I always wanted but will never have. I’m ok with that.

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