In (God) We Trust

We are fully underway in our first month of the IVF process….and what a freaking process it is! I honestly find things a bit overwhelming; she made a calendar that helps keep things organized. Right now it’s Menopur in the mornings and Follistim in the evenings. Many of you who read know what this entails; taking the Menopur involves a bit of chemistry. Mixing the powder and the liquid can be a tad complicated, at least for us! We neglected to put the right cap on to help with the transfer of the liquid…after I blogged about us acing shot class, we felt pretty stupid!

Our first appointment was last Thursday (6/16). A quick ultrasound and a blood draw and we were in and out of there. I wish I could jump on here and say it was an unbelievable shot of energy….but it was a 25 minute appointment, quick and rather emotionless. We’ve got 3 more this week that should be more of the same. Plus shots all week. I think we change a few things up come Saturday, but I would need the schedule that is doubling as refrigerator art in order to tell you exactly what that change is!

Right about now, we start turning toward thinking about what might be…if everything works out. We hope…and we even pray.

@HopeToBeMommy grew up Catholic. I grew up a sort-of-mix of Lutheran and United Church of Christ. I wouldn’t classify either of us as very religious, though her faith in God comes easily. Mine tends to be fleeting. I would consider myself an agnostic. I truly want to believe in God and have that faith that others enjoy…but I can’t force it. I need to investigate it and feel it in order to get there. And, especially when we are getting into IVF, if there is a God, it may be a good time to get acquainted!

We joined a church about a year ago, a Presbyterian church near our house. We truly look forward to going each Sunday; we joined an all-star group of citizens that are heavily involved in the local community, involved in service to help those who need it. It’s the service aspect that I am most attracted to in the church community. I feel like any church can give money; it takes a really special group of people to not only be extremely generous financially but also be so involved in local service work. It’s that piece that I am getting involved in.

The whole God part? Well, this is something I’m not going to lie about. I’m not there. I don’t know if I’ll ever be there. But I can say that I find a certain faith in a group of people so special in this place being drawn from neighboring communities to be together and to fight poverty, help mothers in crisis, and stop homelessness. And I draw hope from being in the community. I feel a faith that has allowed me to explore my spirituality over the past year, and has allowed an inner conversation to begin that hasn’t ever existed.

What does this have to do with our current IVF process? Maybe nothing. But it can’t hurt. And despite this stressful, ever-present issue in our lives, I have a strength and a faith in my life that I can’t attribute to anything else. In God we trust? Not sure….but I have a stronger than ever faith in people. A faith that, I hope, can help us add one more person to this Earth.


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