Getting Lucky

Wow, what a week. Actually, it really was nothing extraordinary, but I am wiped out as I hit Friday afternoon!

It’s my own fault, really. I was up decently early on Monday for work, and then, as I tweeted on Wednesday night, I was up late watching baseball Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night. I saw some great games, but it left me awful tired for a Tuesday early AM appointment with HopeToBeMommy and, after watching the NBA draft late on Thursday night, I was dragging out of bed this morning for a second appointment. Luckily, we got to cancel the Saturday AM appointment and we are just going on Sunday AM. Sleep in time tomorrow!

If my eyes were droopy when we got to the clinic, they quickly brightened up as I sat up straight in my chair observing Mr. Wand, as some of you call it, do his business. The ultrasound showed several follicles at 11 or better, with several others just below that at 9 or 10. Having not done this before, it’s tough for me to be optimistic or pessimistic right now, but with IUI we quickly became ultrasound and cycle “experts”. So I am cautiously optimistic that we’ll have 12-15 follicles for retrieval, which would be awesome.

Retrieval will likely be Tuesday or Wednesday from what we can tell…maaaaybe Thursday; this is a step for which I have no clue what to expect. I will work from home that day, even though HopeToBeMommy says she should be fine on her own for that one. I just feel more comfortable being cautious the first time around, and besides, by the time the procedure is over and I get her home, I’ll have probably missed half the day anyway.

Wednesday is my birthday (I’ll be turning 32). If IVF actually works for us this cycle (and I understand that is a BIG if), I look forward to the day when our son or daughter does the math backwards in his/her head and the HORROR that will enter their soul when they suddenly realize “I might have been conceived on Dad’s birthday! Gross!”

Hey, I’m a guy, which means I supposedly think about ‘it’ every 8 seconds or so. If I had my way, I’d get lucky every day! But I can say this: if retrieval is on Wednesday, I will definitely be hoping to get lucky, but not in the same way I might have a year ago. Have a great weekend everyone.


2 responses to “Getting Lucky

  1. Sounds like things are going well! I think hopetobemommy will appreciate having you around for retrieval. The way things worked out for me, Hubby could not be with me, and I really missed having him there.

    Good luck!

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