What a week. This IVF process, just in the intensity, requires a lot of strength from both partners. Especially the woman, of course…but it still can wear anyone down. Appointment Sunday morning, Monday morning, Tuesday morning, and Wednesday morning. By Wednesday we had reached 12 days of shots and we were both suffering from what I will call “shot fatigue”. For the 3rd straight day, the nurses told us that we may have to come in for one more day. Could we have done it? Yeah, I think we could have. But it was getting tougher and tougher each day to climb out of bed around 5:30 and make the drive into the city.

Then I get the email from HopeToBeMommy – we’re on for Friday AM. A nice birthday present for me, I might add! Had a business presentation and then beers with guys from the company on Thursday, which acted as a great distraction as we headed to Friday. Of course, reality hit when I hit home. Extreme heat hit Minneapolis on Thursday and the low only got down to 85 with dewpoints that didn’t dip below 70. All of this means our 60-year-old house doesn’t exactly cool down at night. The wife requested to sleep in the basement, which is fine, except we have one couch and one love seat. I of course, like any good husband, wanted her to take the couch and get as good of a night’s sleep as possible. This, however, left me with the love seat and an ottoman. Needless to say, my night’s sleep wasn’t so great…

But we shot out of bed this morning and got down to the clinic at 7:30. The first half hour went quickly, as we went over the procedure and last-minute instructions. Then….we waited. Until 8:40, when the doc came and took my wife, and I was off to do my thing.

For those who have read Michael Barr‘s “Swimming In Circles“, you know a running bit in the book is the age of the “magazines” (AKA inspiration) in the room where we males have to provide the sample. I am happy to say that my room was full of June 2011 material…which the mostly women that read this blog probably don’t want to read about, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Upon successfully making love with a cup, I made my way back to the waiting room, where I sat for about 10 minutes before the doc led me back. We chatted on my way back to my barely-conscious wife, when I asked the question: “How many?”


The rest was a blur. With one ovary behind the uterus, how did this man, this miracle-maker, get 15 mature-looking ovaries? This science is way cool. He explained that a couple could end up being too immature, but due to the follicle count, we’d likely get at least a couple to blastocyst and transfer on Wednesday. Seems simple, and perhaps expected to some extent, but to us, it felt like a victory. A victory in a process WAY to devoid of them. Pretty cool. A lot of other obstacles to jump, but at least we jumped the first one.

After getting HopeToBeMommy home to start resting (she was doing great, no nausea, just tired), I ran out to take care of a couple of things on this day off from work. One of these things was acupuncture, which I’m still doing every week in order to continue to optimize my sperm count and motility. As I lay there with the needles in me, my mind started drifting to those fifteen follicles, and I started to think that perhaps at that very second, the doctors were using ICSI to fertilize them with my sperm. And I couldn’t help but think that one, one of these fifteen, is just in the earliest stages of life, and in 9 months, will be our kid.

Maybe not the most healthy thought-process. But I couldn’t really help it. I was on a high, and not just the proverbial acupuncture high. I was feeling great, and it had all started the moment I heard “FIFTEEN.”


7 responses to “Fifteen

  1. Hey

    You don’t know me I just want to wish you the best of luck for this cycle.

    We are starting our cycle in August.

    Take care

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