Almost There?

It was Friday the 12th when we started the Menopur and Follistim shots this time…which means today was the 11th day we’ve done the shots. It is so weird, because this experience is so different from last time.

Last time the shots seemed to drag on. We hit a point where it all seemed to be too much, the tears from HopeToBeMommy flowed, and we didn’t know if we’d ever hit the finish line.

This time….man, it seems like we just started! I’m not kidding either, and I realize I’m not the pincushion here, but HopeToBeMommy agrees. This process has flown by, and has given us very little angst or stress. When I realized this weekend that it was possible on Tuesday (tomorrow) that we would trigger, it didn’t seem possible! It seemed waaaaaay too early…but it’s really not.

I think the fewer number of appointments this time has helped. Maybe the clinic just knows us better, but the number of ultrasound appointments is like cut in half this time. We kept thinking we’d hear it was trigger time in June…and then one more day, then one more day, and so on. This time it may sneak up on us…we’ll see.

We had 10 follicles at 12 or better on Sunday morning, and two that were advanced enough that we had to go back home to do the Ganirelix Acetate injection before church real quick! So a trigger is a very real possibility tomorrow….but we could have to go back on Wednesday, who knows.

Either way, we are so thankful that the process has been very low-key this time, even…pleasant. Maybe it’s the right time for us. Sure hope so.


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