Fifteen? Ha! We can do better…

This update is a couple days overdue; it’s been a busy couple of days actually. HopeToBeMommy had her retrieval on Friday at 6:30 AM. Talk about an early wake-up call! It was weirdly calm this time; we knew exactly what was to come at each step. By the time her mandated bathroom break came, I knew this was my call to separate and visit the special guy place on the other side of the floor.

The women that read this blog don’t want to hear the details of that Playboy-infested visit. But let’s just say I was very ‘efficient’; it was a very stressful week at work, and between having to abstain from sex and also abstaining from alcohol for the week for good measure, I was very tightly wound. I was soon very relaxed.

You wanna know how tightly wound I had been? Thursday night, the night before the retrieval, HopeToBeMommy asked for my glass of water so she could have a drink…I guess she forgot to bring one up. I had just been dozing off, so I gave her the water and the was rolling on to my side. As I threw my right arm straight up to grab the sheets and pull them over me, it struck the glass of water that was suddenly hovering above me. At that exact moment, she was giving it back to me. I was soaked. I felt like I had just taken a shower, and my side of the bed felt like I had peed in it. I don’t normally get mad at HopeToBeMommy, and I consciously try to be nicer during these procedure times. But I was pissed and kind of mean for 10-15 minutes while we got it cleaned up. So yeah, unwinding = good.

Soon after I got back to the waiting room after making my ‘deposit’, I got called back. It was over, and we got 16 follicles pulled out. This is where I start getting cocky. I was an athlete (okay, a cross-country runner and long distance in track and field, but let’s not split hairs) and I like to compete. Even more than that, I like to win. So I start thinking, “we were excited about 15 last time? 15 is nothing. 16 is for winners. And what’s more, these follicles were more mature this time according to the ultrasounds. We’ve got prized, award-winning follicles this time, and we have SIXTEEN of them!”

Sorry about that. I guess that’s what testosterone does. So we recovered, HopeToBeMommy only asked me once “How’d you shoot, Tex?” (she asked me 5-6 times last time). And we’ve got the Tetracyclene, Tylenol and Gatorade flowing back at the home front. Oh, and first Endometrin this AM. We are awaiting the call to hear how many are mature and still progressing.

This is the exciting part. This is where optimism grows freely and we think anything is possible. We got sixteen. We’re doing pretty damn good. Lord, let us continue doing pretty damn good.


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