Drinking White Wine

Hey, it was open. I’m not a big white wine fan. If I go wine, make it a big, bold, huge red. But the bottle was open. So drink it I will.

Beta #4 tomorrow. Yes, #4. I feel very, very confident that everything is progressing as we would like, but we had a bit of a scare on Sunday. A little bit of spotting. Not enough to ever come out on the pad but there was some brown and some red with wiping (god I feel like a girl tossing this stuff around, but it’s the life I now live LOL).

It was gone by late Sunday night. We haven’t seen it since. Beta #3 on Monday was at 1366, which is a doubling every 56 hours or so, which is….perfect. But HopeToBeMommy didn’t get a chance to tell her doctor on Monday about it, so she reported it right away this morning. As expected, the clinic wants to do a fourth beta, tomorrow morning.

As I said, it’s expected. I get it. Even though beta #3 was perfect, it could have dropped from Sunday and we wouldn’t have known it. Before bringing us in for an ultrasound, we should be sure. But I do expect things to be just fine tomorrow. I have read a lot online since Sunday, things probably only meant for women to read. But here’s what I know:

– Light bleeding or spotting in the first trimester occurs in at least 25-35% of all pregnancies
– Pregnancies resulting from IVF result in more spotting or light bleeding in the first trimester
– Irritation in the vagina/cervix can cause bleeding
– HopeToBeMommy is shoving 2 progesterone pills a day up her hoo-hah
– No further bleeding has happened other than the very light bleeding on Sunday, and she has experienced no major cramping

This is why I am 90-95% confident that the beta will be good tomorrow. That shouldn’t be interpreted, however, that I am not anxious. I am very anxious. I wish I could fast forward to roughly 3 PM tomorrow so we could just know…and look forward to that ultrasound next week. That is when things will seem real. To see a heartbeat….or heartbeats….that would be UNREAL.

So the anxiousness means white wine. It doesn’t really matter what I pour down my throat, as long as it will help me sleep better tonight. And yes, I know HopeToBeMommy doesn’t have the same luxury…she seems pretty calm but I will make sure she sleeps well tonight. It’s a big day tomorrow….a day I am quite confident will end in anticipation for an ultrasound.


2 responses to “Drinking White Wine

  1. Good luck with your beta! And I had a bit of spotting in my first trimester (a little later than you are now) and the doc said it was just that I had friable tissue on my cervix. I am now 30 weeks, so yes, sometimes spotting really is nothing to worry about.

  2. Been waiting for an update! So glad that things are going so well. 🙂 I had light spotting with our daughter (IVF #2) and enormous the world is going to end holy sh*t this hurts bleeding with this current pregnancy (FET from IVF #2.) Here’s to hoping for some awesome news today!

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