Quick Hitter

I’m a baseball fan, and I consume a TON of blogs/news/columns about the sport. A lot of it is statistical-driven, nerdy kind of stuff. Enjoyable. Well, I enjoy it.

One of my favorite writers is Craig Calcaterra (on Twitter at @craigcalcaterra). He wrote a touching column today on a blogger that is near and dear to his heart. This blogger is battling a very aggressive cancer, and the prognosis doesn’t look good.

I know, I know. Depressing stuff. But this isn’t a “this really puts our problem in context” post. Rather, I thought Mr. Calcaterra wrote admirably about the situation…and had a paragraph about hope that resonated with me. I wanted to share it with you.

“…I’m not going to give up hope because sometimes all we can do to keep our sanity in this world is to hold on to irrational hope. If not because it will make the situation better, then because it really, really pisses off the fates and dark spirits that seek to hurt us so. They want us broken. Don’t break. Ever.”

Let’s all continue to piss off the fates with our headstrong spirit….we may lose the smile on our faces some days, and we may sometimes worry about fluid loss from excessive crying. Yes, infertility is a bitch, but on our best days, we are armed with hope and an unwillingness to break.

Here’s to more “best days.”

To read Calcacaterra’s entire column, click here: http://hardballtalk.nbcsports.com/2011/10/17/bad-news-for-a-great-guy/


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