The Dreaded Lupron

Hey gang,

Well, the process has commenced. Birth control pills are being swallowed daily by my lovely wife. We don’t have the first ultrasound until February 7, but prior to that we will start the shots of Lupron.

Yes, the dreaded Lupron. We have avoided it so far on our journey, but the clinic wanted to go with that protocol this time. Based on what we both have heard, I am a little worried about it. It sounds like some pretty wild hormonal swings and headaches can occur. Is this true? Can anyone relate any experiences? Anything you could tell, good or bad, would be greatly appreciated.

Otherwise, we’re as ready as we’ll ever be headed into IVF #3. I don’t think I’ll ever view the process like I did prior to the miscarriage. Like a punch that permanently disfigures your face, I’ll carry it with me the rest of my life. But with that said, it’s exciting to get started again. We have a lot to be optimistic and happy about, and I’m ready to ride this roller coaster once more.


9 responses to “The Dreaded Lupron

    • Great question, Melanie. She will still be doing Follistim and Menopur during the ‘growing’ stages, and then Ovidrel too at near maturation.

      I don’t really know the difference between Long Cycle or Microdose…maybe you can tell me! She’ll be starting Lupron on 1/29 and going about 20 days, going from 20 units the first ten days to 5 units the last ten days. On day 13 of Lupron she adds the Menopur and Follistim. Let me know, please!

      • I was on this Lupron my 1st cycle…. I just didn’t respond well because my body liked the lupron too much… therefore it suppressed me too much. However this works for most people and they typically start everyone out with this. This is the long lupron protocol they are having her on.

        I was just on the micro dose lupron protocol (we tried the long lupron and antagonist….but over suppressed on both and under stimulated) these-those were both cancelled)

        Anyways, the micro dose is like a 1/10th of the lupron dose and is actually made to stimulate instead of suppress…. today is day 9 of our cycle… we trigger tonight and retrieval fri. We’re hoping to get 8 eggs. This is the best I have responded.

        Let me know if you think of anymore questions…

        did you ever ask the clinic for samples or call the menopur rep?

  1. I’ve done cycle with Lupron doses from 5-20IU. I find the major side effect is that I’m very emotional, especially right before bed. Literally every night I’d be in tears. Had some headaches, but nothing severe. Good luck!

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