And Away We Go!

Long Lupron protocol started today. It’s a quick and easy injection, as many who read this know. We were actually pretty excited to get started again today. Ready to get back on that steam engine and start it plowing forward, to try once again to nudge our present life toward the future.

As HopeToBeMommy tweeted yesterday, she downloaded a special inspirational song for our mornings full of injections. Who cares if they’re the worst band I have ever heard in my life? Hey, I guess you have to make it fun and get your inspiration wherever you can.

Look at these douchebags from LMFAO

As I noted in my last post, we’ve been a bit worried about the side effects, such as hormonal mood swings and headaches. So far, she’s just tired. She’s in the middle of what is, as of right now, a 90 minute nap and counting. I’m not complaining; she’s already one who can get easily tired, so Lupron is probably going to make her even more tired than normal. Fine by me; she’s the one who’s gotta bake our baby, so this is just the start of the process 🙂

With this long protocol, we still have close to three to four weeks before retrieval. At my job, I just got the go-ahead to start traveling again (we’d been put on a bit of a hiatus)….nice timing, huh? I just had to email my new boss of 8 days (last one got fired) about the situation and even though I was DYING to travel (lied a bit for emphasis) that I wouldn’t be able to get out until early March at the soonest. I have found, throughout this whole process, that my guy bosses have been EXCEEDINGLY understanding and accommodating. I just find it much easier to be honest up front instead of leaving people guessing at absences and lack of travel.

All that said, we have a bit of waiting to do. For now, we’ll just listen to crappy music every morning while I stab my wife full of crazy shit. I love being us.


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