IVF Veteran

We’re past the easy part; daily morning shots of Lupron. Started at 20 units per day, then went to 5 units each of the past two mornings. We are “IVF Veterans”; this was easy. We also know it becomes harder.

Today started the harder part: another 5 units of Lupron to start, plus the good ol’ Menopur. It’s nice to feel like chemists again, combining the powder and the liquid. And of course tonight, a nice shot of 225 units of Follistim as well.

I feel like this is the part where I say it’s weird to be back here again…..but I can say with more confidence than ever that it’s not. I was ready. She’s ready too. We’re having fun with it….well, as much fun as you can have with multiple daily fertility shots. Now that we’re on the third attempt, we know what to expect, what’s going to hurt, and how we can react to things. I don’t know if that’s empowering or depressing…maybe a bit of both.

Regardless, we’re here. We had a clinic appointment Wednesday morning and did a quick ultrasound. The lining and the little hatchlings are exactly where they’re supposed to be right now. I left feeling pretty good, lots to feel good about. Everything’s perfect, we’re looking good. Yeah, well, we’ve heard that before. I know enough by now to avoid the highs and lows as much as possible. Don’t take me the wrong way, I am quite hopeful and optimistic about IVF #3….it’s just that I know enough about how things can go from good to bad, and bad to good, in a very small amount of time.

Call me a cynic if you want, I’ll simply call it what it is. I’m an IVF Veteran.


One response to “IVF Veteran

  1. Hang in there, it sounds like you and your wife have the right attitude. None of this is easy, god knows, but you seem to be keeping your eye on the prize and staying realistic. The journey is tough but the pay off huge, my fingers are crossed for you two. I am looking forward to the many updates to come! Good luck!

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