WARNING: you may think I need to be committed after reading this post. Hell, I kind of questioning my sanity. But, I have to share what was a bizarre dream on Sunday night. I will preface this by saying that HopeToBeMommy and I went out for a nice early Valentine’s Day dinner on Sunday and I had 2 glasses of wine….not enough to make me drunk in the least, but I thought I’d share it for full disclosure.

Now, I never dream. That is to say, I rarely remember any dream I have. Some people are dreamers and some aren’t, I think. So I think that makes Sunday night/Monday morning even more compelling.

Around 5 AM, I woke up briefly. I remember looking at the clock and it was like 5:02. Our alarm is set for 5:45, so I remember being bummed that I only had 45 more minutes to sleep. After that, I had a dream about climbing a mountain, reaching the top and realizing we were in backyards of a neighborhood, and then some guy trying to shoot me. Weird.

I remember waking up from that dream and starting to doze off again. This is where things get a little strange for me. As clear as day, I hear HopeToBeMommy say, as she is crying, “I’m ready, I’m ready.” For some reason, I know she is talking about having a baby. I remember lifting my head off the pillow to look at her, to figure out if she really said that or if I was just dreaming. After a few seconds, I wrote it off to a dream and started to try and go back to sleep. At this point it was 5:39, so I knew the alarm was going off soon.

Then I heard it again. I had perhaps just dozed back off again, and I heard a tearful “I’m ready, I’m ready.” Once again, I looked over only to find a sleeping HopeToBeMommy. I closed my eyes again, and what seemed like moments later, I heard a man’s voice say:


And at the moment I heard those words, I felt a push on my chest, as if to wake me up. It was now 5:42, and I simply laid in bed with my eyes wide open for the next three minutes.

What did I experience? What does this all mean? Was it just some stupid dream? It didn’t feel like that at the time. I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a paranormal kind of guy. Or the kind of guy who thinks “God” (whoever/whatever that means) comes to dreams and talks to you. I am a very logic-based guy. No matter the subject matter, I want proof. Period. I don’t believe in ghosts, goblins, the boogey man, etc. Yet at 5:42, I felt I had just received a message from our Maker. I felt I was being told that we’re now ready to be blessed with a child. I laid there in stunned silence.

What did I experience? What does this all mean? Was it just some stupid dream? With almost 36 hours now since the Dream, the initial shock and significance of it all has faded a bit. I don’t really know what to think. The only thing I can say for sure is, dream or not, I am not making up what happened to me. My experience, whether in my subconscious or not, was something I really did experience. We’ll see soon whether I have to start taking religion more seriously.


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