Ovidrel Time!


Nothing makes a guy more helpless than having to hurt his wife/significant other. Every day, for the past 3 weeks, I’ve taken a sharp needle and jabbed it into my wife’s belly. I’ve then pushed on the plunger on the syringe connected to that needle and injected medication into her body that ends up creating crazy levels of hormones and estrogen inside of her. I swear, sometimes I feel like I’m complicit in some sort of crime. It’s maddening, and the worst part is seeing or hearing the pain associated with multiple daily subcutaneous shots.

This is one reason why I’m thrilled that we’ll be done with shots after doing the Ovidrel shots tonight. We are done a good 4 days or so earlier than the last two cycles, which is awesome in preventing additional shots (and in purchasing additional medication). We have a TON of follicles that are looking really good, probably close to 30 or so that could be of the right size. HopeToBeMommy is a Follicle-Growing Machine!!

That of course means we’ll be doing our retrieval on Tuesday and, if all goes well, our transfer next Sunday. I truly mean this: it’s awesome to be back here. We are so confident and so relaxed right now. It’s easy to say for me, when I’m still comfortable in a sitting position, but we both do share a supreme feeling of a calm confidence. I guess it’s a better feeling than repeatedly stabbing your soulmate with a needle.

Thanks everyone for your kind words and your support. We really love and appreciate all of you.


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