Another Step In The Right Direction

Not sure I'd buy this for our future child, but who knows?

Another day, another retrieval. Ha – okay, maybe it’s not THAT routine. But we are quite the wily veterans at this IVF process now….#3.

The first time around, we retrieved 15 follicles. The second time, we stepped it up to 16 follicles retrieved. So naturally, what did we experience today?


We actually had a few more than that that seemed ready to be retrieved according to the ultrasound, but the doc decided against going through the endometrium so he left a couple in there. However, we got 17 follicles that should be largely mature. Step one: check.

My part is easy. Bring my personal Playboy in that HopeToBeMommy’s co-workers gave me for good luck (seriously), and do what comes natural into a clear cup. Yet, at some point after….um, finishing, I tilted my cup ever so slightly to the side. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a couple drips of my sample fall onto the carpet before I righted the ship. I freaked the fuck out. In the end, it was roughly 10% of my sample at most, but it freaked me out. I tried to talk myself down; I produced millions of sperm, and I all I needed was 17 good ones. I even asked the doctor on the way back to HopeToBeMommy’s unresponsive bedside, and he looked at me like I was an idiot. “No, that won’t matter at all”, he said. Still, it took me about an hour to calm down. I didn’t tell HopeToBeMommy until hours later, until I was sure the clinic wasn’t going to call and say “Um, we couldn’t find enough sperm to fertilize the eggs.”

All seems okay on the homefront as we wind down retrieval day. Transfer still looks to be Sunday. I’ll share stats about maturity and fertilization when we get them. Thanks for all the support.


6 responses to “Another Step In The Right Direction

  1. Fingers and toes are crossed over here for fantastic stats!

    (PS My husband did something very similar before our IUI. He came back and looked like he found out HE was infertile! Turned out he had more than enough sample in the cup. I’m sure yours will be the same!)

    This is it! Lucky IVF #3!

  2. I was doing a google search for some IVF Images, hoping to find some good humor and I ran into your blog post. I was laughing just imagining what you had gone through. I was happy to see a MAN’S point of view.

    Good Luck to the both of you!

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