Labor Day At 15 Weeks

Pregnancy is boring. Not really, of course. HopeToBeMommy and I jump and smile with each excitement the newness of this journey brings. We each have the ‘Sprout‘ app for iPhone and we really like reading the developments that come each week. But from a blogging perspective, especially in a blog that grew in the infertility world, I struggle a bit with what to write. I really enjoy this space, so I will continue to provide periodic updates. Again, as stated in the last post, those that don’t want to read shouldn’t. I’ve been in those shoes not wanting to read someone’s pregnancy stories.

HTBM is now 15 weeks, 2 days pregnant today. We’re chugging along toward the different milestones. Firmly planted in trimester 2, in a couple of weeks we can say she’s 4 months pregnant. Four months. That sounds seriously pregnant, right? And then 3 weeks or so after that, we have the anatomy ultrasound. I can’t think too much about that because I just get so excited. So we’re going to leave it out there, on the horizon, in October.

We got a fetal heart monitor for the house. It’s nice to use during those times when you wonder if all is still okay. Those thoughts are truly happening much less frequently at this point, but we still experienced that last weekend (at about 14 weeks). She was just a bit worried for no reason at all, really, and asked me to get the monitor. We had only tried it once before, at about 13 weeks, and it didn’t really work. We weren’t scared at the time because we knew it was probably still a touch early for this device to work, and we’d just had an ultrasound a couple days prior. But at 14 weeks, it probably should work, and I was scared to try. Because, what if. I resisted HTBM’s requests mildly, but after a couple minutes gave in. We put the gel on my belly first and tried it. Of course, nothing. Then we tried hers. At first, we seemed to get a beat here or there, but nothing consistent. Then, I got the right spot. And there was the heartbeat. Beating strong and frequent. Now, instead of fear, was pure joy. How cool – we still had a hearbeat!

So this weekend, we ventured down to Des Moines to see the parents along with my twin brother, his wife and their 21-month old son. And, as previously stated, she’s pregnant with #2 and due 3 weeks before HTBM. It was just so cool to be treated like other couples, like my brother and his wife. Instead of having family tiptoe around pregnancy conversations and having to talk about our next steps, we were all on the same page. All moving down the same path. Grandparents and parents, together, just talking family. Labor Day at 15 weeks gave us more normalcy. Of course, the REAL “labor” days is still months away…and just like the anatomy ultrasound, has to stay out on the horizon. After all, there’s nothing at all boring about that impending event.


3 responses to “Labor Day At 15 Weeks

  1. Y love reading your blog, want to know why? Because it sounds like you are talking about ME! I dont feel so isolated and weird! Your wife and I are pregnant at the same exact time! I am also 15w2d (today) and my anatomy scan is also in October. We were both sick as dogs! Is he feeling better now? My morning sickness seems to have gone away completely late last week. Now I have a stuffy nose and occasional headaches. How about the smell “everything”? Are you having fun with that yet? (if she’s sensitive to smell). HA!
    I am with you though, it is hard to talk about it because we have been there, but its such a joy and rewarding to be finally treated like a normal couple and feel normal. It can get lonely at times too, especially with the people you have bonded with through the infertility battle.

    I am so happy for you, wifey and baby. Keep blogging! This is your space, the warning at the beginning is there so it’s a “read at your own risk”…. But I am sure everyone enjoys it, our stories are success stories, it’s a message from following your heart, encourages and gives hope 🙂

    • What an awesome comment! Thank you! You two are like kindred spirits on some things!

      She is feeling lots better now – just tired and sleeping more than normal. Morning sickness has been more or less gone since week 10 or 11. She is having occasional headaches and is definitely sensitive to smell and taste.

      Thanks for reading and letting me know you read – it helps me want to keep going!

  2. I am so so so happy to read your boring news! I think about you two often and send happy, healthy little bean thoughts your way! Hoping for a continued boring pregnancy and a smooth ride until you have your little one in your arms! And have a ton of fun at your anatomy scan! It’s seriously so awesome to see the little one for so long! Hoping s/he puts on a great show for you! 🙂

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