Felt It

Almost 18 weeks. Completely surreal to think that in 20 days, we’ll know if we’re expecting a little boy or a little girl. Again, this is too cool to even think about, one way or the other….so I can’t write about that yet.

What I can write about is, well, that little monkey getting bigger and bigger. As I stated before, on our ultrasound at 12 weeks, we saw our little jelly bean flipping and flopping all over the place. So cool. Of course, HTBM couldn’t feel a thing yet. They said, on average, 16-20 weeks in and the woman can feel it. So we waited, and as HTBM continued to feel a bit better and have more energy, we relied on the fetal heart monitor to make sure our little peanut was still growing.

In the last week, it has gotten even cooler. HTBM woke me up last Saturday morning and told me she could feel it. It was 4 AM, but I instantly awoke and had her place my hand below her abdomen. There. I felt it too. Very subtle, but something gave me a high 5 from the inside.

Holy shit.

She’s felt it off and on the past week. The level of awe I feel is literally off the charts. I have felt it a couple more times and it just never gets old. The fact is, it only gets better from here. We’ll feel it more often, and more strongly. It’s our kid. Our kid is growing up, getting bigger, and getting to know his/her body. All that’s happening inside HTBM. It’s been done zillions of times, and it will be done zillions more times. But I can’t help but feel that ours is historic….ours is a true miracle.

When you live with HTBM, you get shit done….period. We already put our deposit down for day care, bought the crib and bought the dresser. Yes, obviously we know anything can happen. We know most people wait a bit longer. And given what we’ve been through, we should be more cautious. But given what we’ve been through. how CAN we be more cautious? We’ve got a baby on the way…..and it gave me a high 5. Now that’s cool.


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