You’re right – that title is probably inappropriate. Nevertheless. we will be anxiously scoping out our baby’s midsection a week from today, trying to see its genitalia.

That’s typically a bit weird – but this is our kid we’re talking about. And now I can start thinking about it. A week from today, we will find out whether we have a boy or a girl on the way. That is freaking crazy!!! I am now completely letting myself think about this moment next week, when we find out whether we have a little boy on the way….or a little girl.

Talk about something that can’t possibly go wrong.

I am so excited to find this out, it’s honestly a little embarrassing. We got a Parents magazine in the mail today (I’m still trying to figure out how) and I was over the moon. Which explains why I’m not sure how I can get through next Tuesday. Let me explain.

We are going for our gender ultrasound next Tuesday (October 9, 11 AM central time in the US). However, we have made the decision together to have the tech or the doctor to write down for us the gender of our child. Then, we’ll go out for dinner that night and take it out of an envelope together. So, although I’ll know we have the answer by 11:30 or so on Tuesday, I’ll have to wait 8 hours. Hell, I wasn’t able to wait 8 hours to propose to HTBM once I had the engagement ring!! So yeah, this is going to be tough.

HTBM is feeling our baby move on a daily basis now. Our baby. It’s still crazy and new and wonderful to me. I feel like I will literally never take this for granted. Every poopy diaper I change, every bit of vomit I get on me, every second of sleep I lose, it will all be worth it and I’ll cherish every second. And in a week, we’ll find out if we need to focus on boy names or girl names. Unbelievable.


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