It’s a Boy! (and other musings)

You know, I could blog more if work didn’t always keep getting in the way! I swear, I used to have some down time at work. Now it’s just sprint, sprint, sprint! All the time!

Anyway, if you do follow me on Twitter, you will know that we found out at our ultrasound that we are expecting a boy. I admitted to HTBM the day before the ultrasound that, although I truly didn’t care on gender, I was probably 51-49 leaning toward boy. There’s just something about a guy having a boy – I literally can’t wait. I just think of all the things I can do with him…’s going to be so amazing. The ultrasound tech was able to get a great pic of the penis within 90 seconds or so. He was literally flashing the camera, spread-eagle. I have to say, he probably gets that from me 🙂

My father in law was over to help build the crib and dresser this weekend. Everything went pretty well!



Please know that we have not painted the room at all yet – that is existing from the previous homeowner. I’ll have to share more when we have everything painted. Nevertheless, it’s pretty cool to have a crib in the house. Of course, I had to have Molly test it out for us (she was a bit confused):


Anyhow, we are off for vacation next week in Destin, Florida here in the U.S. We are really looking forward to one last getaway before our lives change pretty dramatically. And it’s a lot easier to leave when everything is aligned – we are probably ahead of schedule on baby prep, pregnancy going well….nothing to get in the way of a truly relaxing time. We are blessed – we always have been, but we really feel it right now.

Next ultrasound in two weeks – we’ll update at that time.



2 responses to “It’s a Boy! (and other musings)

  1. Congratulations!!! We also found out the sex of the baby (after we double and triple checked). We are having a baby GIRL! (I have yet to blog about it) unlike your flashy little boy… My little princess kept us in suspense and the answer was never a firm “it’s a girl”, we always got “I think… My guess is…. Probably”. We just could not have that! We decided to go to a tech that does 3D/4D to really spend time and take a good peak. We checked for at least 30mins and my little modest princess kept her legs CROSSED! Dad’s comments: “that’s my girl!!!” LOL! After drinking more water & juice she finally decided give us a tiny little peek. Now we can go get her crib and dresser… So excited!

    Had he felt the baby move around? Have you felt the baby? Mine just started moving a little bit for a couple of weeks (I’m 23wks now) and only in the morning and at night. She seems pretty calm, but I feel much more at ease now that I feel her little “thumping”. If she hasn’t, I’m sure she will soon. (Sorry if I’m the gazillionth person asking and probably make you nervous or think something is wrong…. Been there!!!) :/

    Have fun and enjoy your getaway (we probably should plan one too) I’m sure you are in need of some time for yourselfs…. Because next thing you know you will be driving the wife 100mph to the hospital! ;D

    • Thanks for the great comment! That’s so awesome on the girl – congrats! I would feel the exact same way if I were your husband – attagirl keeping those legs crossed! I think it’s probably unavoidable that a guy would be more protective of a girl than a boy.

      She feels him ALL….THE….TIME. Or at least multiple times per day. The kid never stops moving except to sleep it seems like. Probably a precursor of what’s to come!

      I have felt it myself many times. Never gets old. It certainly is reassuring…..the fetal heart monitor is collecting dust. No need for it now 🙂

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